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Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Redemption - Long Night's Journey Into Day

Redemption have always been something of a unique band, with deep ties to fates Warning and now to Evergrey this is a unique act who have brought their own distinct brand of power prog to the fore with every record for the last sixteen years. There is something over the top and exciting about their new album. Reinforced by new vocalist Tom Englund of Evergrey fame - Long Night's Journey Into Day is a sonic adventure. Lasting well over an hour, this is a prog metal fans prog record, and that leaves me smiling.

There is something incredibly exciting to me about the energy on these songs. Though I do feel this record could be a few tracks shorter, there are some truly shining moments that make up for it. The highlight, for me at least, is the ten minute epic title track. It speaks to the bands compositional prowess. That being said - throughout this record there are fun and unique twists and turns to fascinate the listener and inspire fresh new ideas. While it would be easy for Redemption to fall into a groove here or go back to tried and true tropes as they welcome in Mr. Englund they actually push themselves in exotic new ways.

Balancing rockers with a few more ponderous tracks and unafraid to demonstrate just how talented they are - Redemption push boundaries with Long Night's Journey Into Day but also make a point of hitting a lot of the standard prog tropes. You can sense the fun that the band had putting this together, but also the brainy magic of it all. It's interesting to sink your teeth into some of what has been done here, and for prog fans this is an album that is going to be worth more than a few listens. A fascinating voyage, I encourage you to dive on in.

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