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Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Integrity/Krieg - Split

I love it when older, brainier and generally more interesting bands get involved doing a split. Such is the case with the latest combo deal from Integrity and Krieg. These two bands have both been making significant moves in recent years and so this split effort feels sort of natural. Not only that though but in both cases we are digging into bands whose deep understanding of their respective genres has brought their music to brave new levels. Integrity lean gleefully into the weirdness and sonic poetry that has made them legends, and Krieg seem more bitter and nihilistic than ever.

The tracks on Integrity's side of the split feel like a continuation of the madness that was Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume. They build on the dense metallic madness that blew so many critics and fans out of the water. That's not to say this excellence is unexpected though, in some ways this feels like a swaggering addition to a thirty year history of excellence. Meanwhile, Krieg come out with an evil 'blech' to kick off their side of the record, and it only gets more twisted from there. Occasionally settling into traditional USBM grooves and at other times pushing for utter sonic annihilation there is a twisted balance here that speaks to what makes Krieg so great.

There is a twisted sense of unity that has come to make this a thrilling record. Not only that though, but both bands are building on collective histories for  collaboration that feels strangely natural. The sense of forward motion both bands bring to the table and the inherent poetry of their music is thrilling. Sure this isn't for everyone but it's fucking extreme metal. For those of us who live and die by this music and who are passionate about the power that the genre can bring, it's hard not to be mesmerize and enamored by a split that will ring forth for generations.

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