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Monday, July 16, 2018

Mutilation Rites - Chasm

Mutilation Rites have always been darlings of the Brooklyn black metal scene. I have always felt that not only does this band have a ton of potential but also that they never really figured out how to tap into it. Then they recorded Chasm. Holy shit. The black metal magic of the previous records is still here but more than ever the group has added in touches of death metal to fill out the sound, add a level of danger that hadn't been there before and remind us just why so many local die hards are obsessed with this group.

There's been a few shifts in lineup since we last heard from Mutilation Rites, mostly notably with the addition of drummer Tyler Coburn, but that seems to only add to all that Chasm brings to the table. There is a breadth to this record that is communicated within the opening salvo. It is such that by the time you get to the epic closing track, Putrid Decomposition, you have been taken on an epic and rip roaring ride from roaring heights of guitar driven fury to almost meditative black metal fjords. There is something almost terrifying about how good Mutiliation Rites are on this album. It doesn't come of nowhere, but it certainly feels like a bold new level has been achieved.

The swaggering stomp of this album is thrilling. It speaks to a band who continue to grow and refine their sound with every passing record. While you definitely hear touches of Darkthrone here, the band uses Chasm to pay homage to a much broader variety of extreme metal heroes. Black metal nerds are going to fall in love with this album, but death metal freaks are going to be right there with them. Perhaps the bands most over the top and in your face recor to date it''s going to be hard to turn this one off.

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