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Sunday, July 1, 2018

Manes - Slow Motion Death Sequence

It's been a while since I covered something Debemur Morti which is strange since they are one of my favorite labels going. On top of that, Manes is one of the most interesting bands in black metal to me. I mean, obviously they aren't a black metal band anymore, at least not sonically, but for me that's part of the fun. This is the kind of brainy and inherently fascinating jazz/rock/trip hop/metal fusion that can't help but interest music fans. I hope you notice that distinction right there, I genuinely feel that any one who is an overall fan of music as an entity is going to get something out of this record.

Slow Motion Death Sequence is the bands first material since 2014. It's a logical development for the band, it features some of their most grandiose compositions yet and tracks like Last Resort speak to a group who seem to understand the simple poetry of this genre. The sonic mastery of Slow Motion Death Sequence is the product of a band who truly understand the power of the studio. Not only that but the songwriting sensibility prevalent throughout evidences a group who have a deep comprehension of the ebb and flow of music. It makes for something dynamic, thrilling and ever changing.

The variety of instruments and sounds showcased on this record really forces you acknowledge the beautiful oddity of this album. Manes pretty unapologetically push boundaries left and right on Slow Motion Death Sequence and the deeper you delve the more unique madness you seem to uncover. This is the sort of band who take you on strange journeys, who refuse to choose a different path and who will keep inspiring you the more you explore. It's hard to find a band with this level of sheer musical depth, but here we are, so dive on in.

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