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Thursday, June 28, 2018

1968 - Ballads Of The Godless

Ballads Of The Godless, now there's an album title if I ever heard one. This is the kind of powerful stoner rock record that makes me incredibly grateful labels like Hevisike exist. They shine a guiding eye on some of the best stuff going on in the underground right now that i might have never discovered on my own. This latest offering from 1968 is not just a masterful stoner rock record but it is also a whole lot of fun and the kind of thing I can see myself swinging back to every couple of months for years to come.

There is a simple poetry to this band that counterbalances some of their heavier more riff laden moments. Powerful acoustic bridges almost reminiscent of Led Zeppelin pepper the music and provide a counterpoint to the Sabbathian stomp. Hell - acoustic bridges in and of themselves are a very Black Sabbath thing to do. All I'm trying to say is that Ballads Of The Godless shows us a band who are bringing a lot to the table in a variety of ways. They are cracking skulls, taking names and are seemingly unafraid to leave behind beautiful corpses. This is the sort of stoner rock that mesmerizes and fascinates and reminds us what the genre can be.

Taking you across lands of meth labs and moonshine, tailgates and tanlines Ballads Of The Godless is a sort of very English take on the stoner rock movement. It's thoughtful and exotic, weird and over the top but still steeped in tradition. Sure the band has not consistently delivered here and some of the execution still has a ways to go before they get to where they need to be, but with the breadth of the sound and the sheer talent within it's going to be hard to deny yourself of the magic of this band and what they have to say.

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