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Tuesday, July 24, 2018

Mantar - The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze

Mantar have always been a unique sonic force. These brutal rock and roll masters have crafted something halfway between Eyehategod and AC/DC. The band has always had a unique and distinct sonic aesthetic. Their approach to the music they create is steeped in a deep sense of rock and roll. It's defined by powerful songwriting and epic rhythms and they are becoming legends within their own lifetimes. We sit here on the cusp of what is only their third album, but in six short years these rock and roll titans have become veritable icons.

It's hard not to be charmed by the straightforward great and balls out assault of a song like Seek + Forget and also to be amazed by the fact that this group is a duo. The breadth of the bottom end especially in comparison to the relatively stripped down compositions is stunning. Hanno's entire approach to the guitar is fairly unique, but again, it doesn't feel alienating. In fact there is enough here that just about any fan of rock and roll could dig into. They represent a sound an aesthetic that seems to only expand with each passing record. With potent ebbs and flows throughout, this is an album that you are going to want to spin time and time again.

Few bands reflect the spirit of rock and role as perfectly and honestly as Mantar do on The Modern Art Of Setting Ablaze. The bleak nihilism, the brash arrogance, the sense of sonic growth that seems to only expand with every song, it all speaks to a band who understand the magic of this music and where it can go if you are willing to take a chance. Mantar are living the rock and roll dream having gone from obscurity to quasi-stardom incredibly quickly. This is the next grand step in their growth. Dig it.

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