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Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Primitive Man/Unearthly Trance - Split

Monstrous and horrifying noise, crippling and punishing doom, another fucking split from Primitive Man, what more could you want with a release like this one? Unearthly Trance and the aforementioned Primitive Man both bring their A games for a split on Relapse that promises to be like no other. Pairing the old gods with the young titans-in-the-making this is the sort of split that bridges worlds and sees ideas grow from the power of proximity. This is an exciting listen to say the least and one doom fans will be freaking out over for a long time.

I love the elements of harsh noise that Primitive Man have always pushed in their music and this record feels like another step forward with that. The third track on their side of this, Love Under Will clocks in over 9 minutes and is one of their longest basically pure noise offerings to date. The band grates at the skin, and while there is the straight doom you have come to love from the Denver giants, they are clearly enjoying embracing new sonic frontiers. As for Unearthly Trance - well what can be said that hasn't already? The guys are icons, legends in their own lifetimes and for good reason. They come out with a potent swagger, a sense that they are kings of this shit and nothing that you can do will stop them, and I love it.

The realm of doom and sludge metal is in a weird and exciting place in 2018. The boom has started to die down so now the truly great bands are the only ones who survive. These are two groups who have been slugging it out for a long time, constantly growing, expanding and embracing bold new futures. This is the sort of doom metal that makes sense in a world gone mad. We are living in the darkest timeline, so why not embrace a colossal fucking Unearthly Trance riff and let it melt your brain into muddy oblivion?

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