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Thursday, July 26, 2018

Thou - Magus

Can you believe it's been four years since we have had a proper Thou full length? The band has been extremely busy, if Encyclopaedia Metallum is to be believed the band partook in eleven, yes eleven splits, singles, EP's, collaborations and compilations in the interim. Suffice to say, these Baton Rouge doom maniacs like to stay busy. Existing at the throbbing heart of a wonderfully heavy scene, there is a breadth and power to the music showcased on this latest offering, the monolithic, Magus that forces us to sink our teeth into the rotten bread of yore.

Reflecting on bleak unreality, tormented truths and a sense of brooding destruction, Magus is one of the most twisted Thou releases to date. The pure and undeniable sonic punishment here is delicious and it's proof that Thou's legacy has only grown. The band has created a vast catalog with a legion o releases, and yet somehow the goal every time seems to be to outmatch everything else they have ever done. Magus just sees greater evolution from the band as songwriters, but never bothers to fall into any sort of trendy bullshit. Instead it feasts and festers, reflecting on the negative and showing no pity for our bitter and forgotten species.

This album sees the band really embracing the girth of their sound. They take time to breathe, tracks like Transcending Dualities show the group giving the devilish riffs space to breathe. Crunching riff after crunching riff collide here and the twisted vocals are spat out over top, the bleak icing on a many layered cake. Thou have experienced exciting new things and pushed for fascinating pastures since 2014's masterwork Heathen. The band continues to prosper and expand, making Magus perhaps their greatest work to date.

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