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Thursday, August 16, 2018

Conan - Existential Void Guardian

For the last six years, like clockwork, Conan has released a new album every two years. Now they stand proud with their fourth release, Existential Void Guardian the record that clearly demonstrates the potential to put them over the top and bring them to brave new heights. I've always felt that a bands third and fourth record is what makes or breaks them. It can make them feel like an also ran, or it can put them in a position to become one of the biggest bands in their genre. If they knock it out of the park then success is theirs for the taking, if it's more of the same, it's all over. This is the former.

While Existential Void Guardian is without a doubt a Conan record defined by the selfsame crushing riffs and shouted vocals that have made the band so special to so many for so long, Conan also bring a lot of other goodies to the table with this album. Rather than just relying on the brute power of their downtuned guitars, they have crafted some of their best songs to date with incredibly potent riffs and sense thorughout that this isn't just another Conan album ,but instead the release that sees them transcending their prior limitations and branching out whilst never turning away from their roots. The potent forward motion and massive bottom end proves time and time again that Conan are never gonna let up.

The band swaggers through this fourth release authoritatively and with a potent sense of 'Fuck you'. It serves to make Existential Void Guardian the sort of dominating release that leaves you reveling in the murk of the groups so called Caveman Battle Doom. Driving forth with the energetic and gut wrenching devastation that has made the band so great for nearly a decade, Existential Void Guardian shows us that this is only the beginning. Not only is it only the beginning but we are about to embrace so much more. It might get loud.

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