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Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Krakow - minus

Here's an interesting one, a true weirdo, an outlier in the strictest sense and a record that while willing to borrow from everything seems clear that, as sludgy as they may be, are not going to purely hold themselves to that. The crushing sense of forward motion on these tracks is exciting and hints at a band who have really say down and focused on refining their greatest material .And they have, this album represents the pinnacle o 13 years of work and the quasi-impossible task of reducing two albums into one. 

This is a record that is at times almost epic in scope. They continually impress with bold new musical directions and a deep understanding of not just how to write powerful songs but how to conjure up epic auras and hint at interesting new possibilities. Their heart rending threnodies and penchant for elegant melody is exciting and reminds us time and time again that Krakow aren't just another band of pretenders. These guys have honed their craft into something exciting and fresh which isn't going to soon be forgot but which will instead continue to evolve and refine itself day after day and year after year.

There's a lot to love with minus though I feel like the band is only just getting their feet wet. There is so much more to come for these guys if they continue to refine the sound that they have shown us here. This is a group who not only play by their own rules but seem capable of creating their own rulebook. To exist on the sonic edge is a challenge though and there's a reason not a ton of bands do it. You can get lost in this record though, and that's what counts. It's a mesmerizing journey and one I will always love taking.

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