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Friday, August 3, 2018

Forn - Rites Of Despair

There is a great power brewing in the Northeast. While doom metal has, for a long time been a genre spearheaded by out friends in the Pacific Northwest, Forn have been trudging along for years now crafting a sound that is not only unique and powerful, but which rivals just about any heavy doom band in the country. Powerful, destructive and at times over the top this is doom metal for the modern age, sonic destruction for the master plan, and by god is it good. Forn understand the magic of doom metal and no one is going to stop them.

Full of powerful melodies and top notch songwriting, this might be Forn's most adventurous work too date. The monolithic crush of the bottom end here is in direct contrast to the strangely delicate melodies which glide over top of the music like water dancers. The pure aural poetry communicated in a song like Cosmic Desolation speaks to a group nearing the height of their songwriting strength. This is made perhaps all the more impressive by the fact that Forn are using a fairly limited sonic pallet with a fairly standard metal band setup and almost no clean vocals. But when the band chooses to expand beyond that, experimenting with cleans on tracks like Ego Desecration you get a sense for just how talented this group is.

Catering to massive soundscapes and colossal walls of noise colliding into one another, Rites Of Despair is the sound of mountains moving. It is the sound of the world coming to an end, but also seeing the light of a new beginning. Forn focus on the darker side of humanity, twisted unrealities and bleak futures. If you like crushing melodies, touches of hardcore and a bitter punk rock nihilism in your music you are going to be enamored with what the band has crafted here. This is bitter and unapologetic, grease gobbed and ready to destroy.

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