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Thursday, August 2, 2018

King Dude - Music To Make War To

King Dude has been one of the most thrilling bands in the dark underground in years. This is a band who seem to constantly be growing and evolving. The projects mastermind, TJ Cowgill has only evolved in his artistic strengths with every passing record. He leaps from artistic peak to peak and now we see him at the height of his songwriting prowess. This is thoughtful and emotionally powerful dark rock for a lost generation. It's anthemic and epic but also introspective and reflective of a twisted and dark lifestyle that so many of us find ourselves not just frustrated with but also forced to embrace with every passing day.

The pulsing magic of his latest offering Music To Make War To is thrilling, its dynamic and exciting, speaking to a sound that is not only unique but also well honed. You can turn the radio n and hear a King Dude song and know right off the bat that it is a King Dude song. And yet what he is doing feels strangely familiar. It comes through in his his sense of dark and light, his ability to craft something relatable and even approachable from his inner darkness. There is nothing outright terrifying about King Dude, rather there is a sort of internal brooding torment that makes it a mesmerizing offering that we aren't going to soon forget or fall out of love with. Instead we are just going to keep trudging forward in its sense of blissful oblivion.

Powerful, deeply emotional and at times Nick Cave-esque this record really sets TJ Cowgill as one of the great songwriters of his generation. The breadth of these compositions and the sheer emotional power within speaks to a sense of artistic purity we don't often get anymore. This isn't a welcoming listen all the time but it's one that you need .It's one that is going to make you realize there is still hope in this world and that even as you struggle with the back and forth nightmare of a hollow earth, King Dude is there to make you feel things you might not have known you could feel. The album closer, God Like Me is an absolute tear jerking motherfucker of a song and if you can't accept that, walk on home.

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