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Friday, August 10, 2018

Mutilated by Zombies - Scripts of Anguish

So there's obviously a lot of OSDM going around these days and that's really cool, but what's even cooler is the way that it has sort of evolved fractally with subcultures withing subcultures. While most of it is in the extremely brutal and oppressive style, a la Vastum or Disgusted Geist, we are still finding groups like Mutilated By Zombies showing up with frightening regularity. The balls out assault and punishing attack outlined on their Redefining Darkness debut is over the top and throat crunching.

See, in a world where the influences of Entombed and Dismember dominate, it's exciting to see someone focusing on what the label bills as "Traditional Death Metal". There are sharp angular riffs here and a remarkably full sound given that the band is only a three piece. The punishing assault and twisted burning wreckage of a sound that they have unveiled is mesmerizing to say the least. You find yourself getting pulled into these grandiose and overarching riffs that come screaming for vengeance. The bottom end revels back and forth, dancing across your eardrums with the hard hitting and dynamic drum sounds.

This gore worshiping and riff cranking group is a cut above their peers, they aren't fucking with the stale commonalities of the genre but instead proving that these young bucks have completely mastered the gnarly traits of their musical forefathers. We are reaching a point where the first generation of death metal fans are having kids who re playing in bands. We have lived in a world steeped in death metal for 30 years now, and this is the sick and twisted result. Mutilated By Zombies understand the essence of death metal and Scripts of Anguish proves it.

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