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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Trappist - Anicent Brewing Tactics

A supergroup featuring members of the hardcore and powerviolence scene, a noted grill chef and craft beer enthusiasts doesn't necessarily seem like something that I would be really into. But here we are. I love it hen records that seem absurd on paper end up badass in execution. Ancient Brewing Tactics is one of the most fun thrashy punk records of the year. With a specific beer paired for each song this is the sort of alcohol obsessed pit inducing metal mayhem you can't help but to fall in love with.

There is an overarching sense of chaos, and quite honestly fun that serves to make this record so addictive. With Ancient Brewing Tactics Trappist remind us why we all got involved in this music in the first place. This is clearly a great record written by dudes who not only are scene veterans but realize they are just in it to have a blast with their buds. There is no attempt at cracking your skull with fancy techniques, the band are just that fucking good and they know it. It's punishing and heavy, but there's nothing about it that will blow you away. Instead the focus is on songwriting and gut punching good times.

Join the band for yet another round as you dig into a group seemingly hand crafted for 2018. This is where scene cred, craft beer obsession and good music unite in the name of something greater than the component parts. Most bands delivering this level of raw sonic madness get lost in the seriousness of it all or are trying to push to be something they are not. Trappist are just there to put a smile on your face and remind you that heavy metal and hardcore is about community first, so we might as well remember that.

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