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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Pig Destroyer - Head Cage

Can I get a 'fuck yeah'? It's been six long years since Pig Destroyer's last grindcore release and holy shit have we needed to be drowned in punishing volume. Their latest masterpiece, Head Cage is groovy, evil and wonderfully destructive. This is a band who have always been on the cutting edge. As they touch on elements of groove grind counterbalanced with harsh noise and ever more punishing playing you realize why these guys have become icons. A grind band who understand the need to focus on top notch songwriting, it's hard not to be stunned yet again.

This is, notably the bands first release with an actual bass player and that has given a potent new sensibility to the sound. The bottom end groove of John Jarvis gives the entire group a sense of clearheaded drive. The forward thinking nature of tracks like Terminal Itch shows simultaneously how well Pig Destroyer understand the genre but also how goddamn good they are. The tracks here are perfectly delivered. Uniquely put together and in many ways strangely thrilling. You are going to find your body writhing in unholy motion along to the music. Head Cage is a portrait of an incredible band at the height of their incredible abilities and it's hard not to listen and smile.

It's rare that I hear a grindcore record that I can really get behind, but it's also rare that I hear a grindcore record that is this far ahead of its time. It breaks all the rules and drives towards exciting new futures. It speaks to a band who have unabashedly broke and then reformed the genre time and time again. You listen to the girthy assault of these tracks and you realize that Pig Destroyer are gods for a reason. There is an undeniable groove here, a sense of forward motion that is going to mesmerize and delight, so why not enter the pit?

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