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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

Sarah Ginger Tipper - The Y2K Diary of Cleo Howard

It's hard to believe that Sarah Ginger Tipper has now completed 10 works in her MetalWorld chronicles. This one, the fifth in the diary series, The Y2K Diary of Cleo Howard is a huge step up for Tipper and shows us that her hard work over the years continues to pay off. Not only is this one of her strongest works to date it is, for me, one of the most relatable. It brings me back to being a teenager in France going through many of the same things and experiencing similar situations to our hero, and for that I love it.

That being said, Tipper's fatal flaw of lack of dialogue is still present here, however, with her ever improving writing capabilities, Cleo Howard comes off the page more vividly than ever. In this text we watch her wrapping up her A llevels and eventually grinding through her first semester of university. It speaks to a special side of European life and it is a whole helluva lot of fun to take this journey with her. Tipper has a real knack for capturing the subtle suffering of the high school experience and really pushes the reader to go back in time in their memories to a simpler point in their lives.

It's always exciting reading a new novel from Sarah Ginger Tipper just because there is such a tangible sense of progress from book to book. It's like watching a band you saw in their first couple gigs start to play to more and more people and delivering a stronger and stronger show. I am really starting to enjoy every moment of her works and they are often over far too soon. As dialogue and characterization increases and editing improves, Tipper sees herself rapidly evolving into a top notch writer who the metal world will rally around.

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