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Sunday, September 23, 2018

Ace Frehley - Spaceman

Ace Frehley has a shockingly impressive discography for someone who could have crashed and burned without anyone thinking it was a surprise. In fact it seems like Frehley has continued to succeed in his post-KISS life almost in spite of it all. One knows for sure that Gene Simmons probably doesn't want the Space man killing it as hard has he so routinely does. With his umpteenth record Frehley proves to us that no matter what he is still a truly special songwriter with a profound and unique knowledge of what makes hard rock so magnificent.

It's crazy to think that Ace has been on such a tear lately Spaceman is his third record in four years and he seems to be on track to keep impressing. This record is surprisingly close to his 1978 solo album, but it brings a lot of the modern Ace Frehley elements into it too. Sure some of it could be categorized as butt metal but whaddya gonna do, he's Ace fucking Frehley, he's not going to Roadburn every year to discover the latest and greatest in art metal. He's a dude who made it possible for all of that to happen and his current output just represents some truly classic rock songs that I think you would be hard pressed to dislike.

There's something wonderfully exciting about hearing new Ace Frehley music in 2018. Despite it all Ace has maintained his unique band of laid back swagger The in your face assault and high flying magic of these songs is going to put a smile on your face to say the least. Bouncy, fun and powerful, Ace is back on top and he's going to keep crushing it until the day he dies. sure it's nothing groundbreaking, special or unique but its Ace fucking Frehley. So you just need to appreciate it and pay tribute to one of the old gods.

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