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Saturday, September 22, 2018

Archgoat - The Luciferian Crown

Longtime readers may note that I have been an Archgoat fan for years now. I think there is something inside all of us, that inner fifteen year old who can not help but to be obsessed with the power of the Finnish extreme metal scene. There is a very real power to what these guys bring to the table and with their twisted riffs and sense of crippling majesty, The Lucifierian Crown is another gem in the... well... crown of Archgoat. Massive in scope and unrelenting in attack this is the kind of record that reminds me why I got into black metal in the first place.

There is something strangely methodical about the balls out black metal assault of the band. The way they temper it with death metal beats and fringes on the riffs serves to make a sound that is massive in scope and which not only brings a lot to the table but routinely reminds us why this music was so addictive for me in the first place. Archgoat have been doing stuff for nearly thirty years now for a reason, they are that fucking good. Gloriously blasphemous and excited to push the boundaries of what might be considered acceptable whenever possible, Archgoat are true demonic masters of their unholy craft.

The Luciferian Crown continually reminds us why blackened death metal is great. This is music that allows youto smell the brimstone. this is music that conjures up demented images straight from hell and forces you to appreciate the toll this level of blasphemy is taking on your being. This is the kind of record whose raw insanity and dedication to bloodcurdling rites from a devil mother can't help but to draw new supplicants to the cause. Occult, straightforward, and heavy as all get out, this is the riff driven heavy metal assault we needed to shock us back to reality in 2018.

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