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Sunday, September 16, 2018

Daughters - You Won't Get What You Want

Daughters are a very weird band. Not only that but they are a band who seem to play by their own rules and relish in it. This is a huge part of why it makes sense that these dudes have signed to Ipecac, and that their Ipecac debut You Won't Get What You Want is in fact one of their weirdest records to date. These Rhode Island freaks have always had something special and different about their sound. Now they have broken all the old rules to unleash something more potent and exciting than ever before, going further than many thought possible.

What fascinates me about this band is the fact that while there are some of the obvious influences present, bands like Swans or Dillinger Escape Plan the band is also eager to sink their teeth into a much weirder noisier spectrum. The throbbing pules of a track like Less Sex speaks to how much the band has grown. While they are all over the place on You Won't Get what You Want they also have a clear sense of direction The deeper you dive and more to investigate it becomes increasingly obvious that Daughters are pushing to break any barriers. It makes for a record that you want to listen too time and time again and which freaks the HELL out of my poor cat.

The quality of the songwriting on this record is on a different level. Rather than the sprawling odes that define a lot of bands in this genre, Daughters have crafted something tight and punishing. On this fourth record the band unveils crisp and monochromatic sonic landscapes that they then go back and color with a sense of tortured fantasy. The creaking doors on the track Daughter the perfect counterpoint to sludgy and in your face riffage. This isn't a band for the faint of heart, it's a band for people who want to go beyond no wave on choke on the bitter pill that is the end of music.

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  1. Man, I can't wait for this record. One of my absolute favorite bands. Three perfect albums down, looks like another winner.