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Saturday, September 15, 2018

Vreid - Lifehunger

It's hard to believe that it's been three years since the last offering from Vreid. While 2015's Solverv was excellent, now nearly fifteen years into their career, decades after the formation of their predecessor the mighty Windir, Vreid has come out to craft one of their most exciting albums to date. Lifehunger is a record that pushes everything which has made Vreid so powerful over the years. The bands unique take on searing black metal is exciting and deliciously put together. the high quality songwriting and sheer hutzpah of the music allows the band to serve up some wonderfully vile black metal vitriol.

Where Lifehunger shines is in the sheer riff worship. The blackened chaos magic of a track like Sokrates Must Die reflects on the bands sense of perpetual forward motion. Lifehunger feels like a record that took all that made Vreid grate over the past decade and refined it into something bigger and better .This is a record that is extremely bombastic, but still within it all you can tell that these dudes still have the hungry black metal kids they once where living inside of them. The demonic might of these tracks is overpowering and its hard not to drown on the delicious drug of frostbitten madness. Through it all Vreid have cultivated a sense of unadulterated fury that keeps us addicts coming back again and again.

Galloping forward with a strange sense of, dare I say fun? Lifehunger quickly wins my heart as my favorite release from these black metal stalwarts. Unafraid to balance dark with light and possessing of some really excellent dynamic interplay, Vreid have only evolved with time. The amount of raw energy and excitement they bring to the table, the hard hitting groove of the band serves to only encourage us to dig ever deeper. With every record these guys grow as songwriters and musicians, and Lifehunger is another gem in the crown.

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