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Tuesday, September 11, 2018

Gridfailure/Megalophobe - Tasukete

I hope people realize how legitimately excited I get every time there is a new Gridfailure release. They are one of my favorite noise artists and a project who terrify me on an existential level. It's the sort of twisted burning wreckage of sound that can't help but to impress with every passing moment. The fact that he is back to collaborating with Megalophobe on their latest project Tasukete has only made this more exciting. This is one of the bands most decimating releases to date and a project that is going to melt your face off.

There is a sort of existential pain that drives the work of these two artists and their willingness to be grating and oppressive thrills me and terrifies the shit out of my cat. That's a huge part of the appeal of noise though, especially how these guys do it, it's about leaving you with your skin crawling. Tasukete is a record that does exactly that. It's the sort of music that makes you ask yourself why this type of music was even created in the first place. But because of its sheer devilishness you know, you know you were meant to succumb to this glorious fucked up oppression. Twisted and dark, Gridfailure and Megalophobe have an intimate understanding of the horrors of the human race.

There is something wonderfully eerie about this record. The way it ebbs and flows, darting around the corners of your reality. This is the sort of horrified nonsense that Luigi Russolo must have envisioned when he first started to refine this kind of music in the 1910's. On the cutting edge and unafraid to push well beyond the sanity of the common man there is something almost Lovecraftian about this murk. It writhes darkly and greedily, begging you to come forth and suck at the unholy blasphemous teat.

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