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Monday, September 10, 2018

Plainride - Life On Ares

There is something thrilling about finding a stoner rock band who really know how to rock. Such is the case with Plainride ad their new offering Life On Ares. The groups sophomore release may have taken three years to come to fruition, but by god was it worth it. The mighty riffage and triumphant attack that drives these songs is potent. It speaks to a band who understand the power of hard rock. The quality of the songwriting is top notch, and in a scene that is often staid and repetitive, Plainride make us fall in love with our favorite tropes all over again.

As is often the case in this scene, the bands first record, while strong only saw them trying to get their footing. It is with this album tat we hear the band starting to embrace something far more impressive. Their is a girth to their production and a wealth to their sound that an't help but infect even the most jaded fan. In and of itself the guitar playing is a delight. The band is driven by its twin six string attack but hardly settles there. Instead, Life On Ares sees these desert rock desperados coming together to refine something that takes all of the rock and roll energy of the seventies and fuses it with modern heaviness.

The rabid tumbleweeds roll past and the bands beloved dark sonic landscapes seem to only propagate themselves. Life On Ares is a record that constantly pushes for bold new heights. It allows the listener to question the power of the modern stoner scene by presenting them with a superior German product. This is an extremely fun listen and one that has all the swagger tou would hope for from a stoner rock band in 2018. Veterans of Wacken and with the world at their feet it's hard not to have a blast with the Plainride crew.

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