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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Brainoil - Singularity To Extinction

You could say that Brainoil are a band who like to take their time between releases. I mean to celebrate their twentieth anniversary the band has finally gotten around to releasing their third full length, their first in seven years. That's not really the point of a band like Brainoil though. Though the band have always lurked in the shadows, almost out of necessity, they have also been able to constantly scrabble for higher ground creating ever more devastating and tortured music. There is a truly twisted magic to this band that few of their peers will ever match up to.

This is some of the most devastating and evil doom that I have heard all year, and by a long shot. There is something incredibly intimidating about the sheer breadth of these songs and the sense of tormented blasphemy that the band has conjured up. Perhaps a few steps heavier than Eyehategod these guys can slow it the fuck down, but also assault you with volume. Singularity To Extinction serves as a reminder of why sludge got so big in the first place. A product of the magical Oakland scene, this is a record that stands as a perfect symbol of the sheer torment that that town brings to its residents, and it is great.

If you're into trad doom or the modern scene this probably isn't for you. This is doom metal for the true freaks. There is nothing pretty or refined about a Brainoil record. Instead you are left gasping for air, choking on the bitter and demented pill the band continues to bring time and time again. Singularity To Extinction swoops in to kick in your face and make sure you didn't forget why Brainoil have come to be so revered within the heavy music community. Unapologetically heavy and constantly leaning into the next sonic twist, this is brutal music for a bastard race.

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