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Monday, October 1, 2018

Outer Heaven - Realms Of Eternal Decay

Some years there's a lot of contention for what the death metal album of the year is. Maybe the old guard are bringing it hard and the young blood seem to be trying to put up a fight. Other years are like this one. One band comes out and puts out something so skullfuckingly heavy that it's basically useless to even pretend something else is nearly as good. Outer Heaven have not only written the death metal album of the year with Realms Of Eternal Decay, they have taken their rivals, balled them up like so much waste and thrown them in the trash.

From the circle pit inspiring riffs to the gut crunching breakdowns Outer Heaven have come a long way from the band I used to see play house shows when I was a teenager. This is a group who have managed to evole from a death metal also ran to one of the premier acts in the genre. they bring a level of intensity and pure ignorant slaughter that you just don't see in the scene anymore. they are the sort of band who unleash unparalleled madness wherever they go. The bands barrel chested frontman might as well start everything by screaming "Drag your fucking knuckles!" because that's hat this is. Brutal, blasphemous and utterly unapologetic.

Yet of course to write a death metal record this good you've got to be really fucking smart, and Outer Heaven clearly are. Manic playing and surprisingly technical riffs abound, adding to the chronic slaughter this band has come to represent. While the band certainly play into a lot of the genres tropes they do them better than just about anyone else. Instead of sounding tired and overused you are looking at a death metal band in peak fucking condition, capable of cracking skulls whilst doomed to destroyed and destined to die.

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