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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Mortiis - The Song Of A Long Forgotten Ghost

This is a record that has been a part of my life for the last eight years, that shaped me from late middle school and early high school and led to interests in a much broader variety of weird synth music. So suffice it to say, to hear a restored and remastered version is really exciting for me, simply as a fan. Mortiis has always been a unique and different artist, and this remix of The Song Of A Long Forgotten Ghost really puts a spotlight on all that he has accomplished and reminds us where he came from and why he is who he is in the zeitgeist.

Outside of really showcasing how far ahead of his time Mortiis really was when this came out in 1993, The Song Of A Long Forgotten Ghost remains a really powerful artistic statement. The weird soundscapes he summons up and the wonderfully bleak unrealities he paints carry you off into a mystical land of dungeons dragons and dark secrets. It's a rare treat to really sink your teeth into a record like this one, especially now that it actually sounds good, and sit down reading a good high fantasy novel. Mortiis knows exactly who he is playing to on The Song Of A Long Forgotten Ghost and this refined, almost over the top edition has me head over heels.

Moving ever forward and constantly evolving, Mortiis has carved out a unique niche for himself in the world of alternative music.This was a key part of the origin story though and one of his best loved statements to date. As weird, obsure and really just out of this world it reall was I also think it is important to understand its cultural context. I am going to be coming back to this updgraded edition over the original demo going forward, and honestly I think that you should to. It's powerful, exciting and breathes new life into a legendary classic.

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