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Monday, October 22, 2018

Negativa - 03

There is something to be said for truly introverted and unforgiving DSBM. This is the sort of music that conjures up wonderfully bleak and soul rending realities with every passing note and which seems to have a deep understanding of the true misery of the human condition. It means that Negativa, a Spanish project who seem to get more twisted with each passing release have managed to evolve into a band of the sort one might not find anywhere else in the world. They plumb the depths of the human psyche and force us to come to terms with the monsters within, with every single track on their punishing new release, 03.

DSBM is inherently a pretty stripped down genre and one that doesn't really embrace a lot of artistic evolution. That being said, Negativa manages to create it owns distinct take on the genre embracing devilish notions and bleak soundworlds. The monochromatic nature of the music ends up being a fitting and powerful pallet for which the band can grow their sound around and push twisted ideas. With a twisted sense of forward motion guiding these tracks forward (All of which are only named with consecutive roman numerals)  it is hard not to be mesmerized by the increasingly blasphemous sounds of Negativa.

Throbbing along with a sort of flopping and mad momentum, Negativa has produced a record that is not going to let itself be forgotten. Instead we are going to continue being fascinated by and growing with the tormented sounds within. Sentient Ruin has really knocked it out of the park with this one, an album that seems to drag me even deeper every time I listen to it. 03 may be stripped down, but it lays the soul bare, reminding us why DSBM rose to prominence in the first place and encouraging us to keep on suffering.

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