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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Nochnoy Dozor - S/T

This is flat out one of the best debut EP's that I have heard in a dogs age. The powerful dual vocal attack of Nochnoy Dozor has mesmerized me from the opening bars and even the hints I saw in early demos suggested to me that this band was something special. Fusing dark and light and pushing to the limits of human understanding this is a truly thoughtful and powerful work that won't be leaving your turntable anytime soon and which speaks to the eternal magic of doom metal and superior songwriting.

There is something wonderfully and deeply emotive about what Nochnoy Dozor have done on this self titled debut EP. While there are moments that are beautifully anthemic the group also does not shy away from contemplative bridges and even bursts of pure psychedelia. Throughout the record the band manages to sound truly massive but more than that they continually hint at a sort of latent greatness. Nochnoy Dozor takes the listener on a powerful journey, not only showcasing the musicians skills but reminding us that there are interesting and exciting new directions for doom metal to go.

While it might be obvious to compare this band to acts like Subrosa or Jex Thoth the comparison would be apt. That being said, Nochnoy Dozor are also doing what is very much their own thing. There is a real power and sense of bleak humanity to some of these songs and the transcendent chorus that comes crashing down around your ears can leave you in tears. A strong start from a band who seem destined to take on the world, I can't help but to be fascinated by where this band could potentially go.

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