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Friday, October 19, 2018

Sylvaine - Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone

The Norwegian goddess of post black metal is back, and her new record Atoms Aligned, Coming Undone sees her star shining brighter than ever. It's hard to believe that it's only been two years since Sylvaine's last release, Wistful, a record which rocked so much of the post black metal world and came seemingly out of nowhere. It topped countless end of year lists and hinted at a bold career to come. I'm sitting here in complete awe of what has been accomplished in such a short time, and trying to scrape my jaw off the floor as I embrace this new chapter of Sylvaine's career.

This project has always differentiated themselves by their ability to blend dark and light. The powerful acoustic passages are counterbalanced by moments of fierce black metal .sometimes even the fierce black metal goes a step further though with angelic vocals layering perfectly over top of frostbitten riffs. The blackgaze poetry of her work here is blatantly obvious even from the first song and she leans into it, and all of the prettiness of her music throughout the listening experience. It makes for a deep dive of a record that really demands multiple listens and speaks to the raw talent Sylvaine represents.

I get the impression though that we are nowhere near the peak of this artists ability. While they have done something truly excellent here, I think that Sylvaine is on pace to be creating something almost revolutionary in the next few years. These tracks build on the legacy of the first generation of blackgaze bands but are executed with a vision that sets her far apart from her contemporaries. The quality of the songs here is simply on another level and leaves me begging for more. This is the future of post black metal and it is triumphant.

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