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Thursday, November 8, 2018

Adaestuo - Krew Za Krew

Weird and avant garde black metal wrought with raw power and dirty looks, Adaestuo burst onto the scene in 2016. Now we sit here with their truly demonic debut full length, Krew Za Krew. This is an album whose basis remains black metal throughout, but which is unafraid to touch on the influences of everyone from Diamanda Galas to Merzbow by way of Swans. There is something incredibly dark and brooding about this album and it consistently makes for some truly frightening and at times almost unhinged listening.

Krew Za Krew fascinates because of its dynamic interplay and its ability to showcase a variety of potent sounds from the band. While at times Adaestuo is transcendental in their approach, other moments seem to reek of pure malice, still others reflect an almost fundamental ugliness behind the music. What's interesting to note is that despite some eclectic and truly demented influences pouring into the soundworlds at play, the band remains surprisingly consistent in their approach. This is all the more impressive since this is a debut release and also see Adaestuo eagerly bringing in countless twisted ideas in order to push it to bold heights.

The rattling intensity of their approach has shaken me to my core and the groups ability to fuse ideas, concepts and a sort of sublime and demented poetry has made for something that can't help but to fascinate. Krew Za Krew is a tortured fucking record that constantly embraces new lows and shocks with a sense of gleeful provocation. Adaestuo is not a band to be taken lightly and seem poised to take the world of artsy black metal by storm. Deeply upsetting and fundamentally twisted, I am curious for what comes next from these blasphemers.

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