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Friday, November 9, 2018

Wasted Theory - Warlords Of The New Electric

I've been waiting a minute for this one - Wasted Theory are one of the bands who have really come to define the modern stoner scene, and their new record Warlords Of The New Electric is a loving ode to all that this community has refined. Chock to the brim with powerful riffs and thrilling in its grandiose conception and punishing aural assault, Warlords Of The New Electric is a stoner rock record for the ages. It captures the magic of the genre and drives home a ton of potent rock tropes making for thrilling listening.

What has always pleased me about Wasted Theory is their penchant for shorter songs. While this record does see some of their most longwinded material to date at a straightforward 36 minutes it doesn't feel like Wasted Theory are letting themselves dick around. That being said, Warlords Of The New Electric has a very organic ebb and flow to it that means that Wasted Theory aren't just beating you over the head with bottom end. Instead everything about this release seems very deliberate, methodical even. Though these weed obsessed cosmonauts may be high, they understand what it takes to deliver a good time.

Swaggering and authoritative, Warlords Of The New Electric is a thrilling journey of rock and roll madness. Wasted Theory have come to represent the scene as a whole and seem almost gleeful in their destructive dalliances. This is an absolute bruiser of a record and one that refuses to compromise. The deeper I delve the more I fall in love, proof positive that Wasted Theory are the veritable warlords of the new electric and keepers of a grand new generation of riffs, weed and desecration.

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