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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Bandit - Warsaw

If you were looking for a band who lived and died by the mantra "Play fast or die" then look no further. Bandit's new reocrd Warsaw is eight tracks of some of the most balls out oppressive and insane powerviolence that I have heard in a good long time. Regular readers know that Bandit is an old time favorite of the blog, a group who we have been supporting since my move to the USA in 2014 and who have seemingly only leap from peak to peak. I guess that's what happens when you share members with Waking The Cadaver.

The manic assault of the band starts with the opening track, the quick flame that is Lomza and seems to only grow from there. While this record is oppressive as ever with vocalist Gene Meyer continuing to punish listeners with his hyperspeed vocal assault, this is also a record that sees a fair bit more groove from the Philly grinders. Their particular brand of powerviolence has never been a kind one, but here it eels like they are allowing you to fall into a rhythm before bashing your skull in. It makes for a new and different kind of pure obscene musical hatred, that selfsame pure obscene hatred that we will never escape.

There is a sort of primitive satisfaction that I take in the down and dirty assault of Warsaw. It plays on a few different genre tropes but comes across as distinctly Bandit. The band has crafted a potent formula that feeds on raw anger and lyrics about the punishing realities of mental health. This is a band who are pissed off and want you to know it. This is not a record that plays by the rules or flows nicely, rather it is made up of spurts of vile blasphemy which leave you on the floor gasping for a breath of fresh air.

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