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Sunday, November 25, 2018

Misotheist - S/T

Fuck, right when I thought the year was winding down and I didn't need to worry about great records to add to my year end list along comes Misotheist with one of the most impressive black metal offerings that I have heard in a long fucking time. These Terratur Possessions signees aren't just masters of orthodox black metal, they are masters of orthodox black metal who eschew any kind of image in favor of complete anonymity. Sure this very much limits their appeal, but to those of us who love the kvlt, nothing could be better.

What sets Misotheist apart is the thrilling breadth of the sound. The sheer dynaism of these tracks nad their sense of forward motion is, in a word, hypnotizing. There is a sort of brutal and unrelenting sonic punishment here that you just can't turn your back on. The songwriting is excellent makign the three ten minute plus tracks that define this record feel more like movements in a symphony than anything else. With haunting threnodies and tortured vocals, Misotheist understand the bleak power of this genre and the power it has. While they may expand the boundaries their respect for the old masters is clearly great.

You are going to find yourself completely mesmerized by what Misotheist have put together here. This is a record that adheres to many traditional black metal tropes but which also seems to want to push the orthodoxy further than ever before. The eerie melodies that creep out are overwhelming and powerful. This is a record that is just as likely to have you raise a fist to the air on jubilant blasphemy as it is to draw a tear. Unafraid to make you question your own unreality, Misotheist is a straight up stunner.

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