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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Blood - Depraved Goddess

I love the Vic Records re-issues because they give me the opportunity to dig back into and write about classic records that I wasn't around for the original release of. I never thought that I would be able to write about Blood's mid-career classic Depraved Goddess. By this point the band had been around for ten years, made a name for themselves and was considered one of the premier acts in German grind. Depraved Goddess represents some of the most intense work from the group to date and took the Teutons to a whole new level.

What I always found fascinating about this record is that while it very much honored the sort of eternal fifteen year old with its raw and manic energy it also shows us a band who had a pretty good handle on what they were doing. As opposed to many of their peers the band didn't slip into any of the mid 90's mishaps that plagued a lot of extreme metal but instead they embraced a sort of tantalizing evil and disgusting new face of the genre. The balls out assault of these tracks is not trendy or looking for approval, instead it's just a statement, a sneering 'Fuck You' to those who wanted Blood to tone it back.

This record is abrasive and crass. It is vicious and unrepentant. It represents everything that has made German grindcore so great for so many years and pushed the boundaries on so much other music. The noisier aspects are counterbalanced by wicked samples and all of it is run through a sieve of well, bloodthirst. This is a record that is almost needlessly aggressive and made all the better because of it. Don't come to Depraved Goddess expecting artsy thoughtful music, you are about to get your face ripped off, so dive into the fucking pit.

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