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Monday, November 5, 2018

Sargeist - Unbound

Sargeist is one of the premier names in the modern black metal scene. They are a group who have driven forward with a demented ferocity and sense of black metal slaughter has always defined their approach. With some of the most important musicians in the scene taking part in what will mark the bands fifth full length, this time on WTC Productions, it is impossible to deny the magic of these blasphemous musicians. Unbound is a masterful take on the genre pushing it to bold new heights and reminding us of twisted past glories.

This album brings out an intensity that has always amde Sargeist special. The twisted assault of tracks like The Bosom Of Wisdom And Madness speaks to everything that Sargeist have been able to piece together over the years. The way that they create a powerful atmosphere of pure black metal annihilation on these tracks is really exciting to me. Sargeist is not a band to be fucked with, but rather a group who have pushed themselves to crafty new heights. The bands trademark stomp is accented by a sense of perpetual forward motion on Unbound. It makes for an addictive listen that I won't soon forget.

It bothers me that it took so long for me to get around to this release, but now I am grasping the full extent of what I missed out on. This is a black metal record in the grand old style, payind tribute to the mastery of Finnish Black Metal and encouraging us to delve ever deeper into the pit of demented horrors that has come to define this project. WTC Productions have knocked it out of the park once again, and for those of us who choose the left hand path there is no better soundtrack for your embracing the winter season.

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