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Saturday, November 10, 2018

Sigh - Heir To Despair

It would be hard to find a black metal band who are weirder, more out there and more influential than Sigh. A group who have for nearly thirty years now been the last word on experimental black metal, their latest effort Heir To Despair marks their eleventh(!) studio album and promises so much more to come. The art black metal pioneers have constantly been able to craft ever more exciting and weird works and the radical and insane approach that Sigh has brought to the table here brings in all sorts of ideas and shows us that twenty eight years in the band is as bizarre as ever.

I think that with Sigh what fascinates me is the sheer breadth of the sound and the way that these guys are able to sort of fuse it with all sorts of other unique ideas and soundworlds. The folky melodies and vintage keyboards and flutes have a huge influence here. You can find a lot of strange prog influences here too, ranging from the mroe mundane like Gentle Giant and Genesis all the way to the works of occult rock masters Black Widow. Sigh have managed to capture all of these sounds and more on Heir To Despair and inspire the twisted legions to delve ever deeper into the bands maddening approach.

Heir To Despair is a truly weird and different record, even by Sigh's obviously broken standards. This is an album that showcases a lot of unique elements and allows us to dive into aspects of the band that I don't think were really given their due consideration in the past. It makes for some thrilling listening and perhaps the most exotic Sigh record to date. These Japanese black metal visionaries are nothing if not constantly evolving and Heir To Despair is just another thrilling step in that visceral direction.

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