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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Barshasketh - S/T

This is an absolute monster of a record in a year where W.T.C Productions seems to leap eagerly from peak to peak that's saying something. With their fourth release, these UK black metal icons have unleashed something that not only promises to slay posers but which takes devour listeners deep into hyperborian wastes and face to face with existential struggles of the day to day. This is a colossal sounding record and one that seems to revel in its own madness. The twisted sonic assault of Barshasketh is fascinating and impossible to turn away from, black metal for the master plan. 

Barshasketh seems to rely on bombastic dynamics and an almost authoritarian swagger that drive it forward. this is an album that blazes furiously and angrily, full of moments of blackened torment and transcendent fury. This is a record that you can truly get lost in, a record that ebbs and flows and which seems to cultivate a devilish sense of its own black majesty. Barshasketh have used this statement to bring themselves to a bold new level and remind us of the demented, seething magic that made them great in the first place. It's a record that demonstrates all there is to love about that classic black metal sound and reminds us that there is so much left to do within it. 

Never really straying from genre tropes and core ideas the band has still managed to create something compelling and addictive. If you are a fan of 90s second wave of black metal then Barshasketh is going to be the record for you, hitting all the core elements of the genre and ensuring that you stay absolutely enthralled throughout. This is a thrilling and swaggering record, a black metal monument to a time forgot but a sound that will ring forth forever in a swirl of burnt churches and endless inverted crosses. 

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