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Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Deth Crux - Mutant Flesh

Now here's something really interesting coming out of the dark satanic jungle of Los Angeles. Mutant Flesh is the debut full length from the death rockers in Deth Crux, a band featuring members of Buried At Sea and Lightning Swords Of Death. This particular offering is an exceptionally weird twist in the myth, something wonderfully goth and just a little bit silly in its bombast, but in fact making for some truly compelling and exciting listening from a band who seem doomed to take the world by storm.

With eerie melodies and over the top ministrations to a forgotten god, Deth Crux play very nicely into all of the tropes of the genre whilst simultaneously driving home bold new ideas and breathing new life into the band and what they are all about. Mutant Flesh speaks to a dark side of the human condition with its almost operatic vocals and the reverbed out vibes of the band only serve to leave me totally mesmerized. With driving rhythms and crunching bass lines the band pushes their way to the fore, not caring what you might think of them. Bold and over the top - Mutant Flesh is a glorious trip to the hell planet.

There are surprisingly huge choruses here and a willingness to embrace all sorts of genre and musical twists and turns. this is a death rock record on what is traditionally a death metal label, but somehow it works. When you have something this incredibly dark and also strangely fun you simultaneously see images of bodies jumping from buildings alongside flashes of coked out nights in your favorite darkened nightclub. Wonderfully bleak and a little over the top, Mutant Flesh is a fascinating artistic statement and one I am sure to become addicted too.

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