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Sunday, December 23, 2018

Chainbreaker - Lethal Desire

Man - this is some good old fashioned ass kicking heavy metal. In a world infected by posers and lame hipster riffs it's exciting too hear Hells Headbangers putting out some crazed and over the top heavy metal thunder that any fan of the good old stuff can get behind. Clearly influenced by the likes of Motorhead and Venom, the rip roaring good time brought to you by Chainbreaker on Lethal Desire is a prime example of what top notch speed metal is supposed to sound like in 2019, and by God is it fun.

With circle pits being conjured up left and right by chainsaw guitars, this three piece seems to lean into everything with a leer. Made up of current and former members of Cauldron, Rammer and Toxic Holocaust the bands pedigree is more than matched with the maddening assault of these tracks. They are just a touch silly and frequently over the top - but that's kind of the point, to unleash raw cosmic fury upon posers and make you choke on a bitter pill of heavy metal thunder. Aggressive and bloodthirsty, this is a band who understand the nudge and wink of the genre but bury it in anthems of poser crushing violence.

There is an authoritative swagger to the assault on Lethal Desire. This is a band who crunch forward through breakdowns and then turn around moving fast and breaking shit as they carome through crazed odes to denim and leather. This is an album that is fun through and through but never without a hint of danger. Lethal Desire is a dynamic effort and one that rewards the listener, encouraging them to start their own circle pits in their bedrooms across America. Guaranteed to leave a smile on your face, this is the devils music the way Satan intended.

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