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Monday, December 24, 2018

Yeruselem - The Sublime

This is a really special one from a really special label. As I sit here waiting for Santa to come, I am digging deep into the opening salvo of yet another Blut Aus Nord side project, Yeruselem. This is an album of oppressive industrial filth, enjoying its own savage mastery and encouraging the listener to become mesmerized with their demonic utterance.s This is a record that exists in a world apart and which challenges the listener to dig deep into blasphemous crevices in the name of a god who has failed them. In other words - I really like it.

With a sound that seems to almost relish its sheer breadth and which reflects constantly on the negative the thudding industrial tones of The Sublime have a sort of clanking sense of doom. The ominous swell of these tracks and the demonic ebb and flow hat you find yourself sinking your teeth into borders on terrifying and at times I wonder why I'm still even alive. This is the sort of music that guides the listener all the way to hell. Its's over the top , evil and at its best fucking scary. What more could a fan of visceral and abrasive music want? Yeruselem have tapped into the lizard brain to craft something that feels inherently wrong.

There are a lot of really cool ideas experimented with on The Sublime and the overarching beauty of this album and what it has come to represent is mesmerizing. It's a record that you can really feel yourself getting lost in and one that seems to become stronger with every passing moment. The Sublime is a potent hint at what Yeruselem is capable of and reminds us just how good the masterminds behind this project are. What's not to love? This is masterful industrial crushing at its finest.

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