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Monday, December 17, 2018

Dead Friends 46 - Hardcore

I don't always get a ton of records like this in my inbox so its nice to get to really sink my teeth into some old school hardcore when I get the chance. A group who owe farm ore to the Oi movement than they do to a band like Snapcase, Dead Friends 46 are a very fun and emotionally powerful hardcore band from Southern California who play into traditional hardcore tropes to make something that is larger than a life and helluva lot of fun to sink your teeth into and fall in love with for spin after spin - it's a magical hardcore experience for all ages.

The chaotic sonic assault of these tracks is delicious, reminiscent of the early stuff - this record would not be out of pace next to your Germs or Minor Threat albums. Through it all though the band clearly has a sense of humor, wrapping up the record with a tip of the hat to Sesame Street and eagerly blaring their influences. This is a record that is just a little bit over the top, but that's sort of what is so addictive about it, that it's an album that is so clearly hardcore and bears the name. This isn't world breaking stuff, but it's done really well, it's done with race and taste and makes for something you aren't going to easily forget.

Sure, some of the tropes showcased here are a little bit silly and the band definitely has a penchant for all that is over the top but that's kid of the point - at least it is in my estimation. I didn't put on a record fucking called Hardcore for mt world to be shattered, I put it on because I knew that it was going to be a fun blast of noisy and aggressive music that made me want to move. There's no pretentions about this record, no attempts to hide what it's about, just in your face aural assault from one pit to another.

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