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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Basilysk - Emergence

Sick brutal death metal from the crypt, a Philadelphia style metal assault upon the sense, the next step in a heritage of great and very kvlt bands - Basilysk reign above all as kings of the nighttime world. In a time when death metal seems to be jumping from peak to peak and bringing in all sorts of new ideas, Basilysk come out with a very death inspired new record that touches on all aspects of the death metal genre, from grungy basements to proggy masterpieces crafted for the massive stage, and it is mesmerizing.

Emergence is a potent statement from a band who seem eager to take the world by storm. The authoritative assault which they bring here is potent and shines a light on what the group has come to represent within their community. Shreddy solos filled with thunder and lightning sing out over riffs of twisted death metal triumph. While the execution isn't always where it needs to be, Basilysk are rapidly evolving. Right now it feels like they want to be too many things and while the amalgamation is at times stunning, other times it leaves you wanting a little more... perhaps the sound of perseverance, a sort of ocean of tranquility.

All in all this is a very exciting and fun record, one that shows some very talented musicians flexing and hoping to bring forth a new type of death metal to contaminate the globe. There is a sense of swagger on the finest tracks here that give you serious hope for what this band could come to represent. There is huge potential and at its strongest most fucked up moments (For example, the almost blackened beginning to 'Sinners Of Their Own Reality') Basilysk shows us what they are truly capable of.

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