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Friday, December 28, 2018

Der Rote Milan - Moritat

Unholy Conspiracy Deathwork is one of my favorite up and coming labels and they have one of my favorite rising forces in the world of black metal, Der Rote Milan who unique brand of melodic black metal achieves new heights on Moritat. It's with this record that we see the band building on their past promise and hinting at true greatness to come. This is powerful and visceral black metal, invoking touches of all the Debemur Morti records cool cats and so much more - powerful stuff through and through!

This is a transcendent and pwerful black metal record. It shows the band at their best, crafting powerful songs that have none of the faff that seems to poison so many of their peers. These are tracks that bristle with forward motion and eotional power. The bitter pill that is found within this music is strangely delicious, mesmerizing and powerful, a reminder to what the more beautiful side of the genre can be. That being said, the guys in Der Rote Milan never resort to blackgaze, instead Moritat is more an exploration on what black metal can be when pushed to some of its artistic limits, probing sonic barriers with aplomb.

Fascinating almost to a fault and chock full of interesting ideas, Moritat definitely will talk you a few listens to really pick apart properly. As is though, this is a fascinating deep dive into all sorts of black metal magic, exploring some of the more esoteric sides of the genre without getting wanky. I think there's some interesting stuff to really sink your teeth into here and this represents a really strong next step for the band and all that they have come to represent over the course of their short career. Turn on, tune out and dive in.

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