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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Nekrofilth - Worm Ritual

Nekrofilth are one of those quasi legendary thrashy death metal bands who seem to almost not exist in terms of full length, instead contenting themselves with a neverending stream of splits that unleash death metal madness upon the common folk. The chainsaw guitars and gutteral utterances of these Denver blasphemers are back in full force on Worm Ritual the bands first full length in five years. This is a dynamic and exciting approach to thrash and one that is going to crush your head in as your mosh across the pit.

There is a nonstop intensity to the work of Nekrofilth that makes them gloriously addictive. The bloodthirsty bile spat on Rot With The Dead speaks to what makes the band special. The rapid fire assault that is their cover of Venom's Poison only serves to cap out the madness of the band. They get exactly where they are coming from and though the old school ties to bands like Repulsion and Slaughter remain its clear that Worm ritual is a fair bit burlier, more ver the top and destined to tear your fucking ace off. IT's maddening metal mayhem for a lost generation of punks out for your blood.

Rumbling along at high speeds and encouraging circle pits across the globe, Worm Ritual makes for an addictive listen. It's the sort of music that understands the raw magic of heavy metal and revels in it This is the sound of desecrating graveyards and romping across devastated cityscapes. There is chaos and magic to be had here and it is going to mesmerize and entertain. Nekrofilth have long since been among the best in the game and it feels to me that this is only going to be compounded, the band just keeps getting better.

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