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Thursday, December 20, 2018

Festerday - iihtallan

Man this is a good one. The guys in Festerday have obviously been through a few incarnations, as Havoc Unit and perhaps more notably as ...and Oceans. However this record, iihtallan sees them going all the way back to what they were about in the first place, unrelenting fucking death metal. In fact, I should clarify, what they are all about is really fucking good unrelenting fucking death metal. Festerday have put something truly monumental here, one of the most exciting and knuckle dragging death metal records I have heard in a good long time.

It''s sort of funny to think that as productive as these guys have been over the last thirty years it still took thirty years from Festerday's debut for the band to put out their first Festerday full length. That being said it was well worth the wait and this unrelenting black metal assault is a holly different take on the genre, crushing skulls and demanding the blood of the innocent at every turn. The angular riffing and scorching bottom end hold your feet to the fire and the minute you try to escape destructive chainsaw guitars come in to keep you in your place. It makes for compelling, exciting and all together neck breaking listening.

Long story short, this is a death FUCKING metal record for people who love all that is evil and fucked up. The band make no bones about it and steep their sound in everything from Swededeath to Carcass worship. Festerday have proven that sometimes old dogs can learn new tricks and now thirty years into their career they have launched a debut that is utterly terrifying, completely pummeling and just generally an addictive fucking listen from front to back. Escaping the crush will be impossible.

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