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Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Death Comes Crawling - Looking For Semblance!

Dis Pater has obviously been a part of the sprawling black metal underground for years now with their incredible contributions to the sort of nihilistic cosmic black metal that folks like me love. That being said, Dis Pater, like many black metal musicians of his generation also had a passion for electronic music and experimenting with all sorts of col out of the box ideas that can't help but to fascinate. His latest project, the incredibly engaging Death Comes Crawling has just released a CD debut of a mere 200 copies, and by god is it addictive.

Looking For Semblance peddles in creepy almost larger than life sonic landscapes, ebbing and flowing through your eardrums and leaving you a fascinated husk. This is a project that seems unafraid and even eager to pull from an increasingly diverse set of influences and continuing to grow from there. This is also perhaps Dis Pater's most accessible record yet. The throbbing magic and perpetual forward motion of these songs remains eerie, but certain passages could be seen as glimpses of light in the usual funereal fog. This is a refreshing sonic exploration of the sort one hardly expects.

This is the sort of record that you can get lost in and while it may be a departure from Dis Pater's previous work there are certain vibes that still make it clear who the mastermind behind the project s. This is a really interesting detour and has enough potential that if it was chosen to be the focus for the next decade I think that a lot of people would end up very happy. This is definitely a weird one and definitely one that is going to require a lot of attention to properly understand, but nevertheless this is a record that you are going to ind yourself coming back too in fascination I , Voidhanger have knocked it out of the park as usual and this stands strong as a sort of dark electronic effort for the ages.

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