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Sunday, December 30, 2018

Kaleikr - Heart of Lead

Out of the ashes of a band I always loved, Draugsol, comes Kaleikr, a rapidly rising Icelandic black metal force who have dropped their opening salvo on one of my favorite labels Debemur Morti. This is a thrilling and dynamic piece of black metal slaughter, ebbing and flowing and demanding investment from the listener. Heart Of Lead is a deeply emotive journey and one which plays on many of the finest tropes and ideas within the world of modern black metal making for something absolutely mesmerizing.

The grandiose power behind these tracks is fascinating and the heartfelt rage of these tracks can't help but to impress. Kaleikr have created something here that dwells in the powerful sonic excavations of Icelandic black metal. They focus on potent atmospheres and grandiose proclamations to a god who failed. This is the sort of deeply emotive and inherently fascinating black metal majesty that drew so many of us to the genre in the first place. Roaring out a twisted abyss, Heart Of Lead seems to constantly be pushing towards bold new heights. They have taken from Draugsol's legacy and offered so much more.

This all being said, there are touches on Heart Of Lead that make it clear that this is still a debut album. I think at times the production could be touched up and some of the execution isn't quite where I need it to be . as the band grows though, their budget increases and their sense of black metal swagger develops I think that we will be seeing a record that simply caves in skulls left and right. Heart Of Lead is a potent sonic journey and one that hints at greatness to come, get ready for atmospheric black metal meditation.

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