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Monday, December 31, 2018

Aempyrean - Fireborn

It's been really cool to watch the death metal scene in India grow over the last decade from its rather primitive beginnings with dark ululations all the way up to the crushing sonic assault that we have now in Fireborn the last offering from Bangalore natives Aempyrean. This is a death metal record for the ages, one that hits you in the guy from the first and sounds like a bunch of demons fighting each other whilst crammed inside a sack. It's insane, twisted and whole helluva lot of fun, this is death metal the way Satan intended.

With crushing riffs opening up burly mosh pits from even the opening bitter chords this is a dark pill to have to choke on. Fireborn sees the band leap from peak to peak with the manic metal thrashing mad assault being counterbalanced by the occasional moment of tormented reflection Yet as the band continues to drive maddening moments into the abyss and lap up the unholy blood of their fallen fans, the group continually proves their songwriting prowess. In a world where death metal has often become boring and stale, Aempyrean supercharge their take on the genre with all sorts of blasting delights.

This all is not to say that Fireborn isn't a little bit rough around the edges - it absolutely is. There are aspects to this record and mix that I would love to improve, but the thing is that they are almost guaranteed to get better with time and they are guaranteed to continue helping the band to grow and explore new ethereal sonic landscapes. Aempyrean is a thrilling listen through and through, it continually hints at greatness and promises to make for a potent future for a truly great Bangalore band.

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