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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Jarboe - The Cut Of The Warrior

This one is just as masterful as it is weird. Jarboe of Swans fame is back with one of her most potent releases to date, this time on one of my favorite underground labels in the world, Translations Loss. The Cut Of The Warrior is a deeply emotional offering that while offering subversive elements is unafraid to showcase a sense of hope and love that is almost transcendent and speaks to all of us seeking to grow in a world of pain. Beautifully dark and rife with potent forward motion, this is avant garde music to put you in a trance. 

These four meditative tracks and the accompanying three remixes are meditative in nature, drawing the listener in and impressing non stop with not only Jarboe's impressive songwriting and vocal talents but also the sheer emotional depth of what she is bringing here. In fact the sound has reached a breadth, a zenith if you will, of the sort that has perhaps not been heard from her since her work with Neurosis. It makes The Cut Of The Warrior an incredibly compelling listener that dances from peak to peak and showcases all of the most exciting and thoughtfully developed components of this truly great composers work. 

Weirdly poetic and poetically weird, Jarboe has always defied categorization. With The Cut Of The Warrior she once more delves deep into her creative well to unleash something quite unlike any of her peers and with a whole new forward thinking approach to the music. Jarboe maintains her long term excellence here and incorporates ideas and growth that speaks to her ability to remain relevant and thrilling no matter the consequences. The Cut Of The Warrior is a fascinating listen and one that will stay with me for years to come. 

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