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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Downfall Of Gaia - Ethic Of Radical Finitude

Longtime readers know that I have been a huge Downfall of Gaia fan for years now. Ever sicne the addition of their drummer Michael Kadnar the band has really reached a new level of skill going above and beyond their peers with their colorful and frequently inspiring brand of post black metal. These Metal Blade signees have continued to grow with every passing record, expanding their soudn and uncovering new sonic landscapes. They have crafted something here on their fifth record Ethic Of Radical Finitude that puts them even further ahead of the pack.

I think what gets me about Downfall of Gaia is that though they have a lot of sonic prettiness and place a huge emphasis on the powerful and emotional soundscapes this is also a band who always hearken back to their black metal roots. Rather than getting caught up in some sort of Deafheaven-esque fantasy, the band is much more capable than almost any of their peers in unleashing pure auditory hatred. The transcendent choruses and blackened cries into the void are borderline terrifying and it makes for something that is hard to wrap your head around. In other words, the band has gone above and beyond to unleash something that balances dark and light.

There is an almost radical intensity to what the band has done on Ethic Of Radical Finitude, while the album is not afraid to embrace the ebb and flow that makes this type of music great it's also feels like this is a group who refuse to let up. You find yourself getting ashed away in a storm of triumphant sound and I love it. As the waves of sonic majesty wash over you you will be pulled into a dream of black and white of which there is no escape. This is otherworldly and powerful, black metal to sooth the modern man.

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