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Thursday, January 10, 2019

Necrofier - Visions In Fire

There has been a really cool new wave of USBM in recent years with a whole bevvy of acts coming out of the murk to conjure up truly potent sounds. Necrofier are one of the great new contributors to this scene, their sound evokes images of the old gods, bands like Dissection and Watain whilst simultaneously slotting in nicely next to modern masters like Uada. It makes for a compelling listen that drives forward with an almost psychopathic sense of burning rage and the passionate hellscapes within are simply fascinating.

With crushing grooves hurtling forward with every passing track, Necrofier are unveiling something here that is simply monolithic. Though Visions In Fire is a mere three songs, the group has been able to accomplish some thing that is almost otherworldly. Very rapidly they draw you into their unique musical universes and invite you to navigate their dark and wonderfully bizarre musical landscapes. This is a record that challenges the listener and hints at bold things to come, a twisted journey through a dark and frequently horrifying world. While Necrofier don't really stray too far from the traditional playbook, this is still a fascinating listen that one won't easily forget.

Grinding forward with a punishing sense of authority and swagger, Necrofier are carving out a place for themselves as Texas black metal kings. This is a band who are inherently fascinating and whose breadth of vision could lead to some very exciting things. As is though Visions Of Fire is just a tight black metal EP, it understands the essence of the genre and distills it into three compelling songs that are going to keep you fascinated and digging ever deep into what the band has to offer. This is a wild ride, so you had best ready yourself.

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